HOWTO: Add Items to Users' Lists

As a whitelabel registry administrator, you have full control over your users' lists.  One of the most useful operations is to add an item to a user's list, perhaps because they are in store asking about an item, or called in to request an item to be added.  This is how you do that:

1) Log in to the Customer Service panel at .  It is recommended that each employee have their own account here, so that changes to user accounts can be tracked an audited (see how to add more administrators)

2) Search for the customer by name or email address:

3) Choose the list you'd like to add items to (users can have multiple lists) by hovering over the list and clicking "Add Items"

4) On the following screen you can look up any of your items by SKU, fill in the notes, and click "add" to save the item to the user's list:

If a sku is not found, you are given the opportunity to add a new product to your registry catalog.  This can happen if it's an item that isn't sold in all of your stores, or is not something you normally carry.  If you do not intend to ever add this wish to anyone else's list, you should select "check this box if you don't want to associate this sku with the product" and that way it will not come up in future searches for that sku.

NOTE: It is preferable to tie a wish to a product that has a SKU from your feed.  This way it's price will be kept up to date, as will it's photo, and URL.  Items added manually won't be able to be purchased online (because they do not have a URL) but otherwise have the standard registry features - users can mark the item as purchased so recipients won't receive duplicates, etc.