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Whitelabel Wishlist


This guide is to help current Whitelabel Wishlist customers get the most out of their new Wishlist system.  If you are interested in signing up for a demo or learning more about the product, please contact sales@wishpot.com.


Welcome to your new, branded, social Wishlist!  There are a few steps required to get up and running.


This guide assumes the following prerequisites have been met:
  1. You are already signed up as a Wishpot Whitelabel customer.  Wishpot will set you up with a website at a specific url (ex. yourstore.wishpot.com) and port your existing site's design over to your new whitelabel site.  In addition, you will be given an administrative account so that you can log into our Customer Service application (http://www.wishpot.com/cs).
  2. If you sell products from your own catalog, you have a Product Feed loaded into Wishpot.  If you do not have a product catalog, this step is not required.
  3. You know whether you have a Light Whitelabel or Full Whitelabel integration.  The easiest way to tell is if your whitelabel's URL ends in ".wishpot.com" you are a Light Whitelabel.  The light version is easier to set up and maintain, as Wishpot handles user management issues for you, does not require a SSL Certificate on your end, and does not require any custom coding on your end (aside from some copy/paste JavaScript).

Getting Started

Your whitelabel home page has 3 main sections that we'll want to fill up:

1. Popular Items

2. Experts

3. Featured Lists

"Popular Items" will populate automatically as people start filling things in.  The easiest way to bootstrap that is via your Experts.  Experts are users who you designate to be featured on the home page, and who you'd like to make available to your users if they have questions, etc.  

You can make any user in your whitelabel an expert.  Simply search for their name in the Customer Service application (http://www.wishpot.com/cs) and check "Expert" next to their name.  NOTE: the only users you will be able to manage in the Customer Service application are users who have signed up at your whitelabel.  So, make sure they did that first.  If they mistakenly signed up at Wishpot, just contact us and we can associate them with your whitelabel.  

Experts should create some wish lists - this will allow the Popular Items area to fill up.  When you go live, your users will start creating lists and that area will turn into an accurate representation of your most-wished-for products.

Featured Lists are a great way to group products and suggest them to your users so that they might wish for them.  Any of your users' lists can be featured on your whitelabel.  Simply search for the user, choose the list, and once you open the list choose "Whitelabel Featured" from the dropdown.  This is a simple way for you to feature different items at different time a year as well.  For example, you might want to create some "Halloween lists" in October.  Or, perhaps you'd prefer a "set it and forget it" configuration, and you just create lists that are relevant year-round.  

Self-Service Customization

Once you have a good-looking home page with experts, popular items, and featured lists, there are a number of tweaks you can make to the appearance of your wishlist.  For example, you may want to have the "add to wish list" button say "add to registry" instead.  Perhaps you only want your users to be able to create wedding registries, and not wishlists.  Or, perhaps you want to limit your users to 1 list per user. All of these types of customizations are all available under the "Advanced" section of the Customer Service application (http://www.wishpot.com/cs).

There are two levels of administrative user in your whitelabel: Administrators and Super Administrators.  To get into the Customer Service area, a user must be an Administrator.  To be able to change these settings, a user must be a Super Administrator.  Super Administrators can also create/remove other Administrators.  Making someone an Administrator is a good role for employees or other users who might need to perform reporting and customer service duties, but don't require access to the basic configuration of your whitelabel.

Going Live

Once you have the whitelabel looking the way you want it, you can open it up to your users.  The easiest way to do this is to simply include links from your site to the whitelabel, as well as to put the "Add to Registry" button next to the items on your store.  If your product feed is loaded into Wishpot already, the only parts required for your button to work is the product sku.  Because we have your catalog loaded, we'll be able to look up products by sku. 

Then, the only part you'll need to make sure your product page template fills in is the sku parameter.  There are some additional options you can configure on the button, other images to choose from, etc.  You can read the guide here if you'd like to investigate them: http://bit.ly/addtowishpotbutton   

In addition, you'll probably want to provide a link in your navigation to your registry home page (usually 'yoursite.wishpot.com') and you may want to provide other links as well.  Here are some links that could be useful:
  1. Registry Search - this is done by searching first and last name.  If you want to provide your own form and link to the whitelabel search results page, simply make sure the user navigates to this link, with "fn" as the first name, and "ln" as the last name: http://yoursite.wishpot.com/ch/any/find?fn=joe&ln=smith
  2. Create a Registry - this link will walk someone through the "Create Registry" wizard, including signing up for an account, or logging in, if required: http://yoursite.wishpot.com/my/newlist.aspx
  3. View your Registry - if the user already has a registry, this link will always take them to their own home page.  Similar to above, it will also prompt them to log in automatically if they aren't: http://yoursite.wishpot.com/my/ 

Reporting and Administration

The administrative panel allows you to report on activity from your users, and make changes to user accounts.  The opening screen allows you to look up a user by name, email address, or id, and then you can change their settings.  For example, you can change someone's email address simply by clicking on it:


If you choose the "Report" link you'll have access to downloadable reports.  There are some graphs to summarize recent activity, and a set of reports that are downloadable in CSV format (can open in Excel):

 Reservations by List Type over Time

Overview of activity and Downloadable Reports

The available reports are:
  1. List Creation Report - all of the lists created over the given timeframe
  2. Wish Purchase Report - all of the wishes that have been bought over the given timeframe
  3. User Creation Report - all of the newly registered users over the given timeframe
  4. Wish Creation Report - all of the new wishes over the given timeframe


If you have more technical expertise and want to add additional behaviors and customizations to your whitelabel, you might find the Whitelabel Integration guide useful.  It discusses some of the additional possibilities available if you have technical resources: http://bit.ly/wishpotwhitelabel

Customization UI

There is a user interface for modifying various attributes of your whitelabel located at http://www.wishpot.com/my/account/whitelabel.aspx

This page has a number of settings that allow for customizing the look and feel of the whitelabel, starting with the header and footer.  Because the header and footer require knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to do well, it's documented over in our Integration Guide (aimed at a technical audience).

Several of the other options on the page allow for simpler customizations however.

List Types

You can choose to limit the list types that users will be able to pick from.  Some people do this because they are in a specific vertical and perhaps only Wedding Registries make sense, but Shopping Lists may not.  For a complete description of the various list types, see our help documentation here.

Default User Banner Style
By default, white label users have a banner (the big, colored banner on the top of their wishlists) that matches the style of wishpot.com (currently a silver-colored background).  That default style is something you can change.  To do this, simply choose an existing wishpot account (can be any one) that you want to represent your default style, and then in the administration page, you can set that to be your default style:

This will make everyone's banner look like user 14625's banner.  They can then override this style if you allow it (see below).

Getting Started HTML
This is where you can put a custom message (or full page, as you prefer) that users will see right after they create a list.

Custom Channel HTML
This is a feature that's largely reserved for future use as we create various places you can insert custom blocks of HTML around the whitelabel. 
At present, there are two useful things you can do with it:

1) Create a custom message a the top of your Home Page - If you leave the channel at "Any" and choose "HomePage" you'll be able to insert html that will appear at the top of your home page.  This is where some people choose to put a greeting, or mention a special offer. Keep in mind this will only appear on the home page, as opposed to code in the Header block, which appears on all pages.
2) Create a custom message that will appear after a user adds a wish - If you leave the channel at "Any" and choose "PostAddWish" you can add text that people will see after they add a wish.  By default, we offer them the ability to go to their list, continue shopping at your site, etc.  However, you can add additional content here if you'd like to guide users to explore other areas.

Feature Toggles
Under the "Advanced" section of the Customer Service application there is an area called "Features" which lets you customize a number of behaviors just by flipping some switches.  These features include:
  • Reviews - If enabled, will show the facebook "like" button on your products (whitelabel lite only - this can only work on a wishpot.com subdomain) and allow people to leave product reviews.
  • Inbox - If enabled will allow members to send messages to one another inside the registry
  • Friends - If enabled allows registry users to mark each other as "friends" and also allows people to create "Friend-only" lists, wishes, etc.
  • Show Wishpot Product Pages - If enabled, when people click "product details" they will see a page in the registry that describes the product.  If disabled, it will go straight to the store's product page.  If you are a store, it is recommended that you leave this unchecked.  If you are hosting a universal registry and are not a store, it is recommended that you check this.
  • Supports Browser Button - If enabled will promote the universal registry and provide links/pages on how to install the browser button.
  • Supports User Banner Customization - If enabled, users will see the "customize" button on their banners, and they can it them for themselves.  If not, all banners will be styled as the default (which can be chosen by you, see above)

Need Help?

First, please check our FAQ.  If that doesn't help, please contact partners@wishpot.com, or use our online support site at GetSatisfaction.