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Zoovy Setup Instructions

If you are a Zoovy customer you can easily setup your feeds with Wishpot directly from the Zoovy Console.

Upload your product feed on Wishpot

1. Create a Wishpot vendor account and follow the steps

2. Enter the filename for your feed on the "FTP Feed File" tab.  The filename is based on your customer id and will have this format:  zoovy-<your_zoovy_username>.  For example if your zoovy username is "abcstores" the filename to enter will be zoovy_abcstores.

3 - Complete the wizard to configure your account with all the social features.

4 - You now need to enable the Wishpot integration on your Zoovy account.

5 - Head over to your Zoovy Admin page and click "Analytics and Plugins"

6 - Click Wishpot (Social Shopping and Wishlist)

7 - Configure the Wishpot setting page.  This will enable several functionalities both on your Wishpot account and Zoovy ecommerce site

You will need your wishpot vendor ID.  You can get it at this link (must be logged in to Wishpot).

To submit the feeds make sure to click on the "Submit Feed" at the bottom of the page.

8 - You're done!  From now on the feed will be propagated automatically.  To get the most out of Wishpot make sure to review our Get Started.