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ShopSite's integration with Wishpot.com provides ShopSite retailers' customers with access to wish lists and gift registries. 

1. Adding an "Add to Wishlist" button that uses Wishpot.com

To integrate with Wishpot, ShopSite retailers will need to enter their Wishpot Merchant ID on ShopSite. Click here to find your Wishpot Merchant ID.

Use Shopsite's built-in tags to provide an "add to wishlist" button from shopify.  Instructions from Shopify are available here

2. Enabling your Shopsite Store for Social Commerce

To use your Shopsite store with Social Commerce, you will need to ensure that Wishpot can read your product catalog.  This can be done via Shopsite's Google Merchant Center integration.  This integration takes your Shopsite catalog, sends it to Google, and then Wishpot pulls it from Google.

Shopsite provides help on how to configure this here: http://help.shopsite.com/help/11.0/en-US/sc/pro/froogle.configure.html

After your products are in Google Merchant Center, you need only configure your Merchant Center Id in the Wishpot system.  Information on that can be found here.