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Make sure your product feed is in ShareASale

Instructions for uploading your catalog to ShareASale are here:

Give Wishpot access to your product feed in ShareASale

Please contact us at partners@wishpot.com so that we can send a request to join your Affiliate program.  After we have requested access, you will need to approve us for FTP access to your data feed. On ShareASale, Wishpot is listed as "wishpot.com" and the ID is 278575.

Connect your product feed to your Wishpot Account

  1. Create a Wishpot vendor account and follow the steps
  2. Enter the filename for your feed on the "FTP Feed File" tab.  The filename will be your customer id in ShareASale.  

    For example, in ShareASale you will see this:

    And then in Wishpot you will add this: 

  3. You are done!  It may take up to an hour for your products to be visible on Wishpot. Once products are visible here is a list for vendors to use to get the most out of wishpot