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RSS Feed Instructions/Custom Feed

Although RSS has become a great vehicle to distribute content, the format does not provide specific tags that are good for a great commerce experience.  Wishpot supports Google Base RSS 2 as our default feed format.  We have partnered with GoDataFeed to help you get a custom feed up and running, which supports syndication to Wishpot as well as many other endpoints.  Or, if you prefer and/or have the development capabilities, you can build and host your own Google Base-formatted feed:

You can find info on the Google Base format here: http://code.google.com/apis/base/starting-out.html#products

For the RSS 2 instructions:  http://www.google.com/support/merchants/bin/answer.py?answer=160589

To test that your feed is well-formed, please use the W3C Validator.

To get your account setup with such a feed you will need to post the feed on the web and provide a link to it in your Wishpot account.

Feed Details

Required Parameters:
  • The basic RSS parameters link and title are used for the product's link and title.
  • g:id - For Wishpot to be able to correctly import and maintain your product list, you must provide unique Product SKUs in your Google Base feed.  If you look at your feed and see a URL in that field, instead of a Sku, Wishpot will not be able to parse the feed.  (Google Base can do this sometimes)
  • g:price - This is how we track the price changes of your items over time.
  • g:image_link - This is the URL representing the photo of your product. This is not strictly required, but without it your storefront won't be very interesting.

Additional (optional) Parameters
  • g:quantity - If you would like Wishpot to track out of stock items, simply provide a <g:quantity> field with the value set to zero.
  • g:discontinued - If you would like Wishpot to track items that have been discontinued, please provide a <g:discontinued> field with the value set to "yes" or "true".
  • g:product_type - This will let Wishpot map your products to it's categories.  For categories that we don't know about, we will generate tags, so your products can still be navigated by the taxonomy you've devised.  You can put multiple categories in this field, and delineate them by any of the following characters: comma (,) semicolon (;) greater-than sign (>) double-tilde (~~) arrow (->) colon (:) or double-hyphen (--).  Any of those will be recognized as a separator when we read your feed.
Custom Parameters
We accept a few extensions to the Google Base format using Custom Attributes.  NOTE: If you're using custom attributes, you'll have to add the namespace for it in the rss element of your feed: xmlns:c="http://base.google.com/cns/1.0"
  • c:video - If you would like to provide videos to showcase your products, you can include them in this field.  The value of this field should be the actual <embed> tags you'd like included on the page.  Wishpot may parse and reformat these tags before displaying the videos on the page.
  • c:account_level - (does not apply to vendors) If you are a service provider submitting feeds on your users' behalf, this lets you communicate to Wishpot what account level they have. Put this inside your <channel> element before the first <item> starts, with an integer value.  We can use this value to ensure that your users with different account levels get different behaviors (ex. different number of items featured).