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Intuit Homestead Storefront

1. Adding an "Add to Wishlist" button that uses Wishpot.com

  1. Choose "Page Template Manager" under "Store Administration"

  2. Scroll down and edit the Add to Cart template, if you'd like to put the "Add to Wishpot" button near it.  If you only want the "Add to Wishpot" button on your product details pages (as opposed to everywhere "Add to Cart" appears) you can choose the Product Detail template.
  3. Insert the Wishpot button code at the bottom of the template, if you'd like it to appear beneath the "Add to cart" button.  Below is an example, with the homestead variables pre-configured.  The only part you will need to customize is your partner key (your user id).  This is a customized version of our default button, which includes support for pre-filling the quantity and notes based on the user's selections on your Storefront.

    NOTE: You might notice that we put the product number in the SKU field, this is because Intuit sends it as the product identifier when it syndicates your products to Google Base.

    <div class="wishpot_form">
      <noscript>Visit <a href="http://www.wishpot.com/" title="Wish list, wedding registry, baby registry" target="_blank">Wishpot add this item to your <b>wish list</b></a>.</noscript>
    1. <script type="text/javascript">
     function wishpotGrabNotes()
      var notesString = "";
      var attribCount = 0;
    for(var i=1; i<10; i++)
    var el = document.getElementsByName('attributevalue_'+i);
    if(el != null && el[0] != null && el[0].value != null)
    if(attribCount > 0)
     notesString+=", ";
    var q = document.getElementsByName('qty');
    if(q != null && q[0] != null && q[0].value != null)
     document.getElementById('WishpotQuantity').value = q[0].value;
    document.getElementById('WishpotNotes').value = notesString;
      <!--the partner key-->
      <input name="pkey" value="YOUR_PARTNER_KEY" type="hidden" />
      <input name="WishUrl" value="$url.buildFullUrlWithParameter('Detail', 'no', $product.productNumber)" type="hidden" />
      <input name="WishTitle" value="$product.name" type="hidden" />
      <input name="Price" value="$product.finalPrice" type="hidden" />
        <input id="WishpotNotes" name="Notes" value="" type="hidden">
      <input id="WishpotQuantity" name="Quantity" value="" type="hidden">
      <!-- Display the image source and size for the product (size required) -->
      <input name="ImgSrc" value="$product.photoImage" type="hidden" />
      <!--Specific to certain items -->
      <input name="Isbn" value="$product.isbn" type="hidden" />
      <input name="Mpn" value="$product.mpn" type="hidden" />
      <input name="Upc" value="$product.upc" type="hidden" />
      <input name="Sku" value="$product.productNumber" type="hidden" />
      <!-- There are a few buttons to choose from.  Simply replace the src attribute -->
      <a href="http://www.wishpot.com/" onClick="if(document.getElementById){window.WISHPOT_FORM=this.parentNode;var x=document.getElementsByTagName('head').item(0);var o=document.createElement('script');if(typeof(o)!='object') o=document.standardCreateElement('script');o.setAttribute('src','http://www.wishpot.com/scripts/bm.js?v=100');o.setAttribute('type','text/javascript');x.appendChild(o);} return false;" title="Add to your universal wish list or wedding registry" target="_blank"><img border="0" src="http://www.wishpot.com/img/3.png" alt="Add to Wishpot Wish List" /></a>

  4. You're done!

2. Enabling your Store for Social Commerce

Homestead supports an automatic export of your product feed to Google Base, accessible under "Store Administration."


Once you've enabled that, you can follow the instructions here to set up Social Commerce.  Or, if you prefer you can contact sales@wishpot.com and we can take care of it for you.

3. Whitelabel Wishlist Solution

If you'd like a completely integrated wishlist solution for your site, branded with your own look and feel we can accommodate you!  Please contact sales@wishpot.com.