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Google Affiliate Setup Instructions

Wishpot supports the Goggle Affiliate (ex Performics) product feeds.  As per Google Affiliate's policy Wishpot needs to be an approved affiliate in order to download the feed.  After you create your Wishpot account you will be contacted by a Wishpot representative to make sure that the affiliate relationship is in place.  Your account will be fully operational, but the products won't be visible until the affiliate relationship is in place.

How to upload your product feed on Wishpot

1. Create a Wishpot vendor account and follow the steps until you get to the "Product Feed" page.

2. Enter the filename for your feed on the "FTP Feed File" tab file.  The filename is based on your site name and catalog name on Google Affiliate and will have this format:  <advertiserIDonGoogleAffiliate>.  So if your advertiser id on google affiliate is K93577 then the file name is K93577.

3 - Complete the wizard to configure your account with all the social features.

4 - At this point your account is ready.  How fast the products will be available depends on one of the following:
  • If you are already a Wishpot advertiser on Google Affiliate (our ID is 21000000000142988) we'll go ahead and enable the feed transfer and within two hours your products will be available
  • If you are not a Wishpot advertiser we will apply to be an affiliate on your program. Upon approval we will download the feeds.  If you want to accelerate the process you can send us an offer and we will accept it.

5 - To get the most out of Wishpot make sure to review our get started!

If you have any questions please contact us at merchants@wishpot.com