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Etsy Setup Instructions

How to upload your Etsy product feed. 

Etsy products are syndicated using Google. In order to upload your Etsy feed to Wishpot, you need to find your seller ID. 

To find your seller ID follow these steps:

Step 1: Search for the name of one of your products on Google Shopping:  http://www.google.com/products. Use the product name you use on Etsy. (You may need to try this with a couple of your products to find the name of your store.)

If you have trouble finding your products on Google Shopping, make sure you have configured Etsy to syndicate your products to Google. This link provides some instructions. Note that it is unclear at this time what support Etsy is currently providing for syndication of products with Google.

Step 2: Find the name of your store. Your store name will be visible on the left hand side of the page under "Any Store" (You may need to expand to find your store name)

Step 3: Hover over the name of your store.  The seller ID will be visible at the bottom of the page.  

Step 4: Once you have your seller ID, log into Wishpot, and go to Account Settings>Product Feeds. 

Set your Feed Provider to be Google Merchant Center, and enter your seller ID:

You are done!  It may take up to an hour for your products to be visible on Wishpot. Once products are visible here is a list for vendors to use to get the most out of wishpot