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What is a "tag" versus a "category"?  How are they assigned to my products?

Both tags and categories can be used to help users navigate products.  At Wishpot, we have a single list of categories we support across the whole site.  This single taxonomy is how we can aggregate items and aid in navigation across the site.  Tags are similar to categories, except users/vendors can define their own tags, and they needn't conform to any existing list.  Tags in Wishpot work much the same way as tags on Wordpress, Flickr, etc.

For product feeds, Wishpot checks your category field to determine how to categorize it (for example, if you're using google base, we look at the g:product_type field).  If that field contains a category that is already in Wishpot, it will be assigned to that category.  Otherwise, it will be assigned a tag with that name.  If you have multiple values in that field (some formats support this, including Google Base) Wishpot will identify the various attributes and create multiple tags for the item.  

If you'd prefer to collapse categories and tags in a single list rather than differentiating between them, you can look under "Storefront Display Preferences" and choose "Collapse Categories and Tags"

NOTE: Products can exist in only one category, however they can have as many tags as you like.

How do I get my products to show up in the search results on Wishpot.com?

All products uploaded via a product feed are automatically indexed and searchable on Wishpot.com.  One point of confusion is that we have multiple search options. By default, the first search option "products from online stores" searches a generic set of stores across the internet, regardless of whether or not our users have wished for them.  This is to ensure we have a very rich set of products returned when the casual user starts building a wishlist.  

The second option, "Wishpot Items" searches all of the items that are in our system, which includes all items uploaded by product feeds.  This is where your products will appear.  Note that on non-US sites (it.wishpot.com and uk.wishpot.com) this search is the default.