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If you have a Wishpot account: How to set up your Facebook Shop Tab

If you haven’t already create a Facebook fan page  

How to set up your Facebook Store for current Wishpot vendors

1. Log in to Wishpot without Facebook Connect (you’ll link your Facebook account to Wishpot in step 3)

2. Go to Edit Profile/Settings>Social Networks

3. Click Connect with Facebook (enter your Facebook email and password) If you've already logged in with Facebook skip this step.

4. Click Wishpot Facebook App to in install the Wishpot Application 
The Wishpot application will open in a new window [The Wishpot application will allow you to merchandise your products on Facebook]

5. Click ‘Add to my Page’

(If you don't see your fan page you are not an admin of the page. Contact the person who created the page to get added as an admin)

6. To Return to your Facebook Profile Page
Click on 'Account' in the upper right corner, then click on 'Use Facebook as Page'.  This will show you the Pages you admin.  Make sure you click on the name of the Page and not the 'Switch' button.

When your Page loads, click on the 'Shop' button beneath the Page profile image.


7. A message and your Facebook fan page ID will be visible.

Copy and Paste Fan Page id number

8. Return to Wishpot
(if you accidental closed your browser window you can follow the 'this page' link next to your id number or return to your Wishpot account under Account Settings>Social Networks ) 
Enter your Facebook fan page id number on Wishpot in the provided box 

Click 'Save'

9. Return to Facebook
Refresh your Facebook fan page. Items from your Wishpot Store are now visible under your Facebook Shop tab.  When you update items on Wishpot changes will automatically show on your Shop tab.

*Recommended* For increased product exposure you may want to set your store tab as your default tab for fans.