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How to configure Facebook notification settings

1. Notifications for Wishpot Settings

Wishpot can help you promote your products by automatically posting to your fan page's wall.  These settings are available under "Account Settings -> Social Merchandising Settings" in your Wishpot Vendor account.

These settings are very similar to the options available for twitter.  The notable differences are that on Facebook we can show product images with the posts, and also the posts will link to your items on Facebook, so users can browse your items without ever leaving the site (until they're ready to buy!)


Wishpot can only post to your fan page wall if you are an administrator of the fan page, and have granted Wishpot permission to post to the wall, even when you're not logged in. To verify that Wishpot has sufficient permissions, log in as a page administrator and check them:

Choose "Edit your settings" and then click the "Edit Settings" button next to the list of Applications you use, and you should see this:

2. Notifications for Facebook Settings

Facebook has made communications with you fans easier by allowing you to receive notifications when someone likes, or comments on your page.

You can find these settings by going to your Page, click on 'Edit Page' and then click 'Your Settings'.  If 'Email Notifications' is not checked go ahead and check it to receive updates for new fans and fan comments.