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Q: I am seeing intermittent issues with my Facebook Fan Page.  Can you fix it?
Having a successful experience on Facebook depends on both the Wishpot Application working properly, as well as Facebook itself working properly.  We often receive requests to resolve issues that are out of our control, however it's difficult to know when an issue is caused by Facebook or caused by a malfunction in the Wishpot Application.  

Here are a few examples of issues our customers have experienced:

Completely Blank Pages
In general, Wishpot only controls the window inside your fan page's tab area.  If you see an issue where none of Facebook renders, including it's own advertisements, this is most likely a Facebook issue.
 Issues with disappearing navigation (Ex  if the "Shop" link were to disappear)
Similar to above, the navigation chrome around the Facebook UI is not within Wishpot's control.
Broken Images in Wall Posts
An issue like this is tricky to determine.  It could be an issue in either service, and it's safest to contact us if you see it.

Facebook has a public bug tracking system, which you can use to search for known issues here: http://bugs.developers.facebook.net/ 

For realtime outage notifications, Facebook also provides this page:

When you see abnormalities that span outside the frame in which the Wishpot application lives, it is a great place to check if the issue you're seeing has been reported, and get status about it's resolution.