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Facebook Connect and Wishpot

Facebook connect and Wishpot

What is Facebook connect?
Facebook connect allows you to bring your Facebook account into Wishpot, so you can log in to Wishpot with Facebook and share what you're doing on Wishpot with your friends and fans on Facebook.

How do I connect with Facebook on Wishpot?

On the homepage click Facebook Connect or if you are an existing user under account settings>social networks you can link or unlink your Wishpot account to your Facebook one
What can I do while I'm connected to Facebook on Wishpot?
You can share select actions you take on Wishpot with your friends or fans on Facebook. These actions currently include adding items to your lists, leaving comments, reviews, etc

Does Wishpot automatically post to my Facebook profile?
Yes. Any changes that you make to your Wishpot profile are automatically updated on Facebook

How do I disconnect from Facebook?
On Wishpot under account settings>click unlink and follow the instructions. This will log you out of Facebook completely.

I signed in to Wishpot and I was already connected with Facebook. Why?
This occurs when you sign in to Wishpot while being logged into Facebook, if you've connected with Facebook through Wishpot before. You can clear your browser's cookies to prevent this.

I have a business/fan page on Facebook. Can I use Facebook connect to publish my activity on my page?
You can use Facebook connect to link your Wishpot profile with your Facebook fan page. Once you install the Wishpot Application on your Facebook fan page your Wishpot activity and your Wishpot store will be visible.

How do I remove the Wishpot store app?
1.    Log in to Facebook
2.    Go to your Facebook fan page
3.    Click "Edit Page" on the left hand side
4.    Select Wishpot application
5.    Click the ‘pen’ and remove application

Which web browsers are supported for Facebook connect?
PC: Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Firefox 2 and 3. Mac: Firefox 2 and 3, Safari 3.

Does Wishpot save my Facebook login info?
Per the Facebook API Terms of Service, we may store your Facebook user ID and other assorted item IDs.