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Pre-Scheduling Products from your Feed-

Wishpot can you save time and money by making it easy to always share your products with your social networking audiences. 

You can connect both your FB and Twitter account, or you can connect either your FB or Twitter account. You can set up the auto-posting features, or choose to pre-schedule items you manually tag with the date. These are known as 'featured' products from your feed. 
Connecting your products from your feed to your FB Status Updates

Go to
Account Settings -> Social Merchandising Settings>Facebook Settings

Connecting your Wishpot profile to your Facebook fan page:
1. Check Enable FB
2. Select the fan page you would like your pre-scheduled posts to appear on.
3. Click on "Save"
4. Allow Wishpot to post your fan page.

For Auto-Posting Price Drops and New Products:
2. Enter the price range of items you'd like to post about (optional)
3. Enter the frequency you'd like to post. On Fb we recommend 1-2 times/day
4. Enter the language you'd like to use for the FB posts
Click Save

Auto-posts on Fb contain images. 

Posting on Products from your feed on Twitter

Go to 
Account settings>social networks>Twitter Account

Enter your Twitter credentials

Click Save

Next Go to
 Account settings>social merchandising

For Twitter auto-posting and Price Drops and New Products
1. Enter the price range of items you'd like to post about (optional)
2. Enter the frequency you'd like to post. On Twitter we recommend 3-5 times/day
3. Enter the language you'd like to use to tweet
4. Click Save

Pre-Scheduling Featured items on FB/Twitter
Tagging an item with the specific date will auto-post that item to both FB and Twitter, provided both FB/Twitter are connected to your account which you can do here Account settings>social networks 

How to feature an item:

On Wishpot go to your List page
To the right of the item you want to feature click 'edit'

On the Edit Item Page in the Tag section enter the word featured and the date you would like the item to auto-post in the following format:featured, yyyy-mm-dd e.g. "featured, 2011-02-14,"  You can enter multiple days by separating dates with a comma. 
Click Save
 Now you are ready to go. Setting your auto-posting features saves time and results in more views and clicks
 to your items. Note where possible build engagement into your posts.