Profile Banner on Wishpot and Facebook

Customize your Profile Banner

Add your logo, colors, fonts to your vendor profile banner. You can customize your banner by clicking customize in the top right corner of your banner.

If you'd like to create a fully-customized top graphic, you can upload one of your own design.  On, the graphic will be 1012x205 pixels in dimension.  On Facebook, the graphic will be shown at 758x205 pixels.  You can handle this a number of ways, such as choosing a graphic that repeats smoothly at multiple widths.  Another option is to choose a graphic that still works even if one side is cropped off, for example here's a banner as it appears on Wishpot, above, and on Facebook, below:

There are a number of other tweaks that we support to allow you to personalize your storefront homepage, such as hiding your logo or renaming various labels. These are available under Account Settings -> Storefront Appearance.

Small Banner

On Individual product pages, to better emphasize products only your logo and a small colored banner are visible. To customize your small banner upload your logo under Account Settings and customize the color by clicking customize in the top right corner of your banner.

Note if you've uploaded a customized top graphic the selected background color and logo are only visible on the mini-banner.