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Get the most out of Wishpot

Welcome to Wishpot

Here are a few things you can do to increase ROI and get the most out of your Wishpot Vendor profile.

Upload your product feed

Your product feed is the means by which we load all of your products into Wishpot.  With this, we can keep track of your full catalog, and detect price changes and new items.  Adding your products to Wishpot is easy!  To see the product feeds we support and how to use each click here.  If you would like to use a different feed or upgrade your plan please contact us merchants@wishpot.com

You can add your product feed under: account settings > product feeds

Sync Your Wishpot Profile to Social Networks

Sell your products on Facebook. Add the Wishpot Facebook Application to your Facebook Fan page or your personal page. It’s quick, easy and we have step by step
directions. You can get the Wishpot Facebook Application here or under: account settings > social networks

Configure your Twitter settings On Wishpot and auto tweet new products and price drops.  You can control the frequency of notifications, the text, and the desired price range of featured items.  You can configure your Twitter settings under: account settings > social networks & account settings>social merchandising

Customize your vendor profile

Add your logo, colors, fonts to your vendor profile banner. You can customize your banner by clicking customize in the top right corner of your banner.

If you'd like to create a fully-customized top graphic, you can upload one of your own design.  On Wishpot.com, the graphic will be 1012x205 pixels in dimension.  On Facebook, the graphic will be shown at 748x205 pixels.  You can handle this a number of ways, such as choosing a graphic that repeats smoothly at multiple widths.  Another option is to choose a graphic that still works even if one side is cropped off, for example here's a banner as it appears on Wishpot, above, and on Facebook, below:

There are a number of other tweaks that we support to allow you to personalize your storefront homepage, such as hiding your logo or renaming various labels.  These are available under Account Settings -> Storefront Appearance.

Get your vendor badge

Display your vendor badge on your blog or website. Your badge is available to you in the footer under "My Vendor Page"

Increase Exposure on Wishpot

Wishpot has targeted advertising plans and vendor directories that make it easier for our members and visitors to find your profile and your brand. 

Giveaways and contests
If you want to promote your product to our users and blog readers just let us know. We can setup specific giveaways or include your product in many of our marketing initiatives, such as our email newsletter, and social media. Just drop us a note at merchants@wishpot.com

Stay connected
Fan us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to discover the latest products trends and to reach us at anytime. We are happy to help.

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Stay tuned
Stay on the lookout for the ability to be able to merchandise your products on other social networks. Wishpot continues to add tools, partners, and ecommerce product feeds. If you have any feedback or requests, please let us know at merchants@wishpot.com