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Buying from a wish list

FAQ for buying from a wish list

How do I buy an item from a wish list?
Choose the item on the registry you are looking to purchase. Click Reserve (located to the right of the item- this guarantees the owner of the registry will not get duplicate items) You will then be redirected to the retailers site for the transaction.

How do I unreserved an item on a wish list?
If you are unable to complete the transaction you can unreserve the item through a link in the confirmation email which we send you when you reserve the item. Please allow for an hour for the confirmation email and please check your spam folder. If you are unable to locate your confirmation email please contact us. We are happy to unreserved the item(s) for you. feedback@wishpot.com

If I am not a registered Wishpot user, can I unreserve a gift that I had previously reserved?
Yes, anyone who reserves an item receives a confirmation email- there is a link in this email-return to the site through that link and you can unreserve the item. 

Can I buy an item off a wish list if I am not a member of the site?
Yes. If you are not a member you will be prompted to leave your name and email so that the owner of the registry knows who is reserving the item for them.  You will then be redirected to the retailer’s site for the transaction.

Is there a way to keep the item I reserved a surprise from the owner of the wish list? 
Yes. if you are a Wishpot friend or if you arrived from a shared URL when you reserve the item you'll also have the option of choosing to keep the reserve a surprise from the owner of the Wish list. Those reserved items are visible to everyone but the owner of the list. This feature is only available on Wish lists. 

I am seeing reserved sign in. What does this mean?
Only members of the site or individuals arriving from a shared URL on lists can see or reserve items. To see reserved items or reserve an item: sign in if you are a member, sign up if you are a visitor, or ask your friend to send you their wish list URL. 

What should I do about a discrepancy in the price of an item?
Wishpot does not sell items and prices are reported to us by the merchants' website. If you see a price discrepancy please note that sometimes prices change from when the item was initially added.  But this is rare. Feel free to contact us and we can look into it for you. feedback@wishpot.com