About Wishpot

About Wishpot

What is Wishpot?
Wishpot is a free online service that makes it easy to save all the products you're shopping for in one place while saving you money and enabling you to discover and share your finds with friends and family. Great for wedding and baby registries or just making your own wish list!

How does Wishpot work?
Wishpot with the Wishpot Button (a tiny button in your toolbar) lets you add items to your lists from anywhere on the web. You can share your lists with friends and family. Friends and family are asked to reserve the item for you so you don't get duplicates. Once an item is reserved it appears differently and friends and family are redirected to the retailer for the transaction. 

How do I share my lists?
Click on the list to the left of the list copy and paste the URL. Anyone arriving from that URL will be able to see your shipping address. You can also use a site like bit.ly to shorten and customize your list if you are looking to include the URL in invitations, cards, websites etc. 

Does Wishpot sell products?
No, Wishpot is not a store and we do not sell products. We are a shopping community where users save and share products they find all over the web. The products you see on Wishpot are sold by merchants. Any questions about products, orders, availability or pricing should be directed to the merchant selling the item. To find the merchant, click the "Buy it" link beside the product. 

What is a Price Alert?
Wishpot has Price Alerts- when you add an item to your wish list you can set a price alert. This means that Wishpot will notify you when the item you selected goes on sale or reaches a target price. Click here to see 'how to add a price alert'. 

How do I set up Contributions? 
With Wishpot you can request a contribution on an item you add to your wish list or registry. When you add an item to your list, click Contributions near the end of the 'add to Wishpot' form. Check the box and enter the PayPal email address you'd like contributions made to. You can create honeymoon registries, request charity donations, or ask friends and family to pitch in for a larger item. And Wishpot lets you see who has contributed. So you always know who to thank. Click here to see how to set up a contribution.